William Coates

William Coates

William A. Coates  (1919-1993) was a technician and lecture assistant at the Royal Institution (1948-1986) [1]. He was awarded the Bragg Medal in 1975 [2,3]. Coates was born in the East End of London on 7th November 1919. He went to Shoreditch Grammar School. He became an apprentice at the Exchange Telegraph Company in 1934 [1].

He joined the services in 1939 as a Private. He later joined the parachute regiment and was involved in Normandy Landings. He left with the rank of Captain [3]. Coates worked as a technical assistant at Charing Cross Medical School before Eric Rideal recruited him to work at the Royal Institution. [3]

Initially, he worked with x-ray diffractometers as part of David Phillip team. In the 1950s, Coates became involved with lecture demonstrations working particularly closely William Lawrence Bragg [4] Coates was also involved in producing several Open University foundation courses [5]

After his retirement he remained as part time consultant at both the Royal Institution and at Imperial College London.[1] Coates died 7th October 1993.

William Coates
Photograph of Bill Coates taken at his farewell discourse Credit: Royal Institution


Coates actually has a Wikipedia page with a bit more information than I have here.

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