Meet the new co-chair of the Technicians’ Network

Article originally published in “Technically Speaking” November 2016 A chicken factory may seem a strange place to start a technical career but Stacey Galloway made it work and is now a research technician in the University. Not only that, but she is the new co-chair of the Technicians’ Network’s. When we met, she told meContinue reading “Meet the new co-chair of the Technicians’ Network”

Stephen Burgess wins outstanding apprentice award

First published at on 01 February 2016 Stephen Burgess a Mechanical Engineering Technician has won the Outstanding Apprentice Award from the Institute of Science and Technology (IST). Stephen, a Mechanical Engineering Technician in the School of Earth and Environment (SEE), won the Outstanding Apprentice Award at the IST annual meeting last autumn.  He works inContinue reading “Stephen Burgess wins outstanding apprentice award”

Technicians in focus – Costume

Originally published at on 01 February 2016 Allana Marsh: We speak with the University’s costume technician. I talked to Allana at her desk in the School of Performance and Cultural Industries (PCI) surrounded by fabulous dresses, hats, shoes and mannequins. Feeling a little underdressed I found out that Allana’s early love of sewing andContinue reading “Technicians in focus – Costume”

Technicians without borders

Originally published at on 18 May 2016 A technician from the Faculty of Biological Sciences found a way to help with the Ebola epidemic – he went to Sierra Leone to work in a diagnostic laboratory testing for the virus. Many of us sit at home watching tragedies unfold on the television news andContinue reading “Technicians without borders”

Walking the technician’s beat

Originally published at on 28 July 2016 Sitting opposite Sue Keat in the Faculty of Biological Sciences canteen, it’s hard to imagine her in a dingy car park, handcuffing a drug dealer who is resisting arrest. However, that is the reality of her dual life; lab technician during the week and Special Constable atContinue reading “Walking the technician’s beat”