William Coates

William Coates

William Coates (1919-1993) was awarded the Bragg Medal in 1975 and made an MBE in 1980. He was also technician to Lawrence Bragg and became lecture assistant at the Royal Institution (1948-1986).

Dicon Nance: a technician in form

Dicon Nance (1909-2002) was a craftsman and vital assistant to Barbara Hepworth at her Trewyn studio. His #technicianjourney was difficult, incredible, and largely forgotten.

Pinky: a technician’s technician

Pinky (1995-1998) only one technician has achieve world domination, only to lose it again. Pinky was Brain’s faithful assistant and a mouse with a lot to teach us.

Vivien Thomas: surgical technician

Vivien Thomas (1910-1985) saved many lives through the, often unacknowledged, surgical innovations he developed as a surgical technician. This after the stock market crash of 1929 took away his life savings, his dreams of becoming a doctor, and his job as a carpenter.

Beaker: a model technician

Beaker (1977- ) quickly became one of the foremost communicators of science of his day. As Dr. Bunsen’s assistant he showed a generation of children the wonders of the modern scientific age.