Old Ashmolean 1685

Christopher White

Christopher White (c.1650-1695?) was the first professional laboratory technician. Working in Oxford he was apothecary, alchemist, experimenter, teacher, and demonstrator.

Freda Collier

Freda Collier

Freda Collier (1916-2013) worked with Rosalind Franklin as her x-ray photographer and most likely took the famous “photo 51”, an image that inspired the solution to the structure of DNA.

Jacob Cross

Jacob Cross

Jacob Cross (18–1946) was a Petty Officer on the Discovery sailing to the Antarctic. Under the expedition’s zoologist he became a taxidermist preparing samples for the return home.

William Coates

William Coates

William Coates (1919-1993) was awarded the Bragg Medal in 1975 and made an MBE in 1980. He was also technician to Lawrence Bragg and became lecture assistant at the Royal Institution (1948-1986).

Dicon Nance: a technician in form

Dicon Nance (1909-2002) was a craftsman and vital assistant to Barbara Hepworth at her Trewyn studio. His #technicianjourney was difficult, incredible, and largely forgotten.

Clare Stevenson’s #TechnicianJourney

Clare is passionate about her work, about technicians, and about dancing. She is currently a Research Assistant at the John Innes Centre in Norwich. This is her #TechnicianJourney.

Jackie Hudson's #TechnicianJourney

Jackie Hudson: a technician under the microscope

Excited by science as a school girl, Jackie started out as a trainee technician and will end her career in April 2019 as a technical specialist in high resolution microscopy and laboratory manager. This is her #TechnicianJourney.

Matthew working at a lathe

Matthew Broadbent: a bespoke technician

Matthew is a mechanical engineer working in the School of Chemistry building bespoke apparatus. He works with aluminium, steel, Teflon, and bikes, although the latter is (mostly) in his spare time. This is his #TechnicianJourney.

Pinky: a technician’s technician

Pinky (1995-1998) only one technician has achieve world domination, only to lose it again. Pinky was Brain’s faithful assistant and a mouse with a lot to teach us.