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Defining a technician

There are similarities between the roles of technicians across all fields from the arts and theatre to engineering and science. So, it should be possible to create one definition to cover all technicians. This piece is the hunt for that definition – it is also still a work in progress.

Vibe technician. Sticker found on bin in Newcastle. Origin unknown.


This blog post may be the most niche criticism of Strictly Come Dancing ever to have been launched in to the world. But, I do love a good sequin… oh and a reference to technicians! #takebacktechnician

Alan Rogan, https://www.thewho.com/alan-rogan/

Alan Rogan

When, with characteristic anarchic gusto, Pete Townshend of the Who smashed another electric guitar on stage, somebody had to put it back together, that person was Alan Rogan.

Eva standing in front of Discovery on the mobile launch platform on the way to the launch pad.

Eva Firmani

Tile technicians like Eva work kept astronuts safe as they left and re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

Neil Papworth

Neil Papworth sent the first ever text message in 1991 when working as a technician. The message red “Merry Christmas”.

This photograph of the Calutron technicians is one of the most famous photographs from Oak Ridge and Gladys Owens is the technician closest to the camera.

Gladys Owens

Gladys Owens was just 19 years of age when she arrived to work in the town of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It was 1945 and she was to spend 8 months working there as a technician on the Manhattan Project. Gladys would become one of the “Calutron Girls” whose role, though none of them knew it at the time, was key to the building of the first atomic bomb.

Fanny Hesse

Fanny Hesse

Fanny Hesse (1850-1934) was a lab technician and technical illustrator who introduced agar to the study of bacteria revolutionising microbiology.

Otto Baumbach in 1928

Otto Baumbach

Otto Baumbach (1882-1966) was a glass blower whose work in Manchester was vital to Nobel Laureate Ernest Rutherford.


Hans Crol

Hans Crol (?-1591) was a German goldsmith and instrument maker who worked for Tycho Brahe between c.1584 and 1591.